Children's Emergency Resource Center​

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Program Information

Marie Detty Youth & Family Services Children’s Emergency Resource Center provides emergency shelter for adolescents, counseling, recreation and other services.  Many youth in our community and surrounding communities find themselves in need of emergency shelter – a safe spot to land while dealing with abuse or neglect at home, a foster care home placement issue or perhaps they are a runaway and need shelter until arrangements can be made to get them back home for a safe place for the night before they return home. The Children’s Emergency Resource Center corresponds to the Comanche County Community Needs Assessment in addressing the following identified service needs; delinquency prevention, services to assist delinquent youth, constructive recreational programs for youth, access to shelter for homeless, substance abuse, and assistance for families with children with disciplinary problems.

The Children’s Emergency Resource Center provides supervised care 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

The center houses males and females between the ages of 12 to 17 that are in need of ­­temporary emergency care.  Counseling services, case management, health screenings, recreation, crisis intervention, and daily living skills are provided.  The youth also attend public school.  The goal is to reunify families experiencing problems or provide appropriate care for youth in custody until placement occurs.

All Children’s Emergency Resource Center services are free to the clients by the generosity of state contracts as well and United Way funds and donations.

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