Juvenile Intervention Center

Marie Detty Youth & Family Services Juvenile Intervention Center (JIC) provides temporary supervision to juveniles arrested by law enforcement officials for minor offenses; curfew violations, runaways, shoplifting, etc.  Many adolescents in our community and surrounding communities experience problems that result in their placement at JIC.

Marie Detty partners with the City of Lawton to provide intakes, assessment services, and supervision to juveniles arrested by law enforcement officials in Comanche County and surrounding counties for various reasons; curfew violations, runaway, shoplifting, fighting, etc.  Juveniles, 17 years or younger, are the target population.

Youth are processed and held until a guardian can pick them up.  Intakes are scheduled with the Juvenile Bureau.

Currently all services at Marie Detty are free with the exception of some fees gathered.  The JIC assesses a $25 processing fee although it is dependent on the family’s ability to pay.  The program is funded by the City of Lawton and United Way.

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