Education & Prevention Classes

Marie Detty Youth & Family Services Center provides educational classes on parenting, anger management, and divorce co-parenting. Our goal is to provide quality, evidence-based education related to the topic of each class that is relevant and useful to the people taking the class.

Parenting classes focus on active parenting and include information and discussion on winning cooperation of children, responsibility and discipline, understanding and redirecting misbehavior, and building courage, character, and self-esteem. Also included is discussion regarding information covered in relation to each personal situation.

Anger management classes focus on understanding anger, the aggression cycle, cognitive restructuring, and how past learning can influence present behavior.

Participants develop an anger control plan and participate in assertiveness training learning the Conflict Resolution Model: alternatives for expressing anger.

Parenting and anger management classes are offered over the course of five weeks at a cost of $20 per class or $100 for the whole course.

Children Heal from the Impact of Loss and Divorce (C.H.I.L.D.) Co-parenting Divorce Education Class focuses on helping yourself and your child cope with the divorce as well as learning strategies to work with your ex-spouse to co-parent effectively.

C.H.I.L.D. classes are offered every third Saturday and are one-time classes at a cost of $30.

Each of these classes fulfills requirements for individuals who have been ordered by the court to complete one of these educational classes.

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